Canyon Lodge #2887


All funds the Lodge Texas Elks Sweetheart raises for the Red Pigs go to the Texas Elks Children’s Services Inc (TECSI).

I am not going to lie, the month of July has been amazing and explosive and hot and tiring and exciting and SO satisfying! After an altercation with a dog that killed one of my chickens, Tim bravely took me to the ER because I thought I had broken my hip. Luckily, I did not, it was only a severe hematoma, and we got to board the plane and go to Elks National Convention in Atlanta, GA. the next day. Let me say, we were treated like “Rock Stars” because we were the newest Elk Lodge in the USA!

Everyone, and I mean, wanted to talk to Tim and find out how Canyon was able to start an Elks Lodge in 8 months and have the membership number that we had. Elevators, hallways and restaurants, and hospitality rooms became a small group meeting for us to spread the word about Canyon #2887 and it was so much fun! We met so many nice people and had so many pins in our bag that we did not know what to say or do!

We did all this knowing that our Elk comrades at home were baking dozens of cookies and representing Canyon #2887 during the “humongous” 4th of July celebration in Canyon, Texas. After landing, Tim and I immediately went into catering mode and got a chili-dog supper and games ready for our very first Fun Friday at the Lodge. Boy, was it fun! 3 days later we had a Lodge meeting and the next Friday we had a MAJOR event with Affiliated Foods and their golf tournament. Brian Piacino, a Canyon Elk member, had approached me a few months before to say that his company, Affiliated Foods, had chosen the Sweetheart for Canyon #2887, to be one of two charities that would benefit from their annual golf tournament.

I was so honored and excited! After a very humble and kind and honorable speech, Randy Arceneaux, President and CEO, presented me with a check for$25,000.00! What an honor and what a gift! So excited to be able to send this to The Texas Elks Children’s Camp! The very next day we got to install2 new members into our Lodge and the next Thursday, our catering crew that includes Daniel and Tawny Shaltry, ER Tim Parker, Ed Yeats and Ricky Kobernick and me fed 65 Texas Panhandle Peace Officers at the bi-monthly meeting.

The very next evening was another Fun Friday where we ate tacos and played games and had a rousing tournament of Texas Hold ‘Em. Was I not right? This month of July has flown by and we are just getting started! What an honor and privilege to be part of such an amazing group of people in Canyon. I cannot wait to see what August brings!