Canyon Lodge #2887


All funds the Lodge Texas Elks Sweetheart raises for the Red Pigs go to the Texas Elks Children’s Services Inc (TECSI).

Katherine Mathis - Loyal Knight - Sweetheart

I have been an Elk for 2 years now. I initially joined with 4 other friends for the social aspect and opportunities to meet new people.  I live in Amarillo currently with my husband and my mother. We moved from the Atlanta area 7 years ago and my mother moved in with us last summer. I enjoy learning new things. I LOVE to cook for others.

My favorite drink? A good dark roasted coffee, water, or an Old Manhattan from the Skirvin Hotel. I envision our lodge will continue to do great things to serve the community. I strongly believe regardless of the reason why we joined the brotherhood of Elkdom, we all want our fellow community members to not experience hunger, homelessness, or other traumatic events.

We all do what we can to make our community stronger, closer, and successful. After all, it takes a village...AND, I am AKA 'Tater' because I insisted on having potato salad at an event.