Canyon Lodge #2887

Exalted Ruler Letter

Greetings Lodge #2887

As I sit down to write this letter, our proposed Canyon Elks Lodge #2887 will soon be officially instituted. It seems like yesterday when I was asked to be involved. I am going to use this letter to officially thank a bunch of folks.

Royce, David, Ann, Rick, and DeLee, thank you for all of your time and never-ending effort to make this possible. I want everyone to know that the Planning Committee put a massive amount of their heart and soul into it so we can enjoy the life and community of Elkdom that we are about to receive as a Lodge. We hope to make you proud and have a great feeling of accomplishment for what you have done to help our Lodge.

Thank you to Buck for stepping up and volunteering your time to get us the most amazing website in the world. I have looked at many other Elks websites, and Canyon Elks is second to none. Thank you, Ed, for volunteering to take care of communications and Public Relations. “The Bugle” is like our website, second to none. Outstanding work!

We have been blessed to have our PanWest officers and past officers to help us get started. Bob Tiffany and Ralph Pumphries, thank you.

Thank you to members of Amarillo Lodge, Borger Lodge, Plainview Lodge, and Lubbock Lodge for all of the support and guidance through this journey. Judy, Danny, Chuck, and Roy, you all were “Johnny on the Spot.”

A big shoutout and thank you to Pete Aragon and Justin Gran Pre for the generous donation of the fastest shuffleboard ever made. Our lodge will put it to good use.

Lastly, but definitely not least, thank you to all of our Charter Members who have supported Lodge #2887 in so many ways. So many have given time, money, and effort to help our Lodge get started. Whether volunteering for a committee or a willingness to be an officer, it is with the members' efforts that this journey is possible.

We are all going to be part of a journey that few people get to be a part of the beginning of a new lodge.

Let the journey begin.

Thank you all,
Tim Parker
Exalted Ruler
Elk's Lodge 2887
Canyon, Texas