James Earle Fraser


One of the Cardinal Virtues of the Order of Elks. Heroic sculpture in gilded bronze.

Esteemed Loyal Knight: Be Just to your fellowman.

Esteemed Loyal Knight: Upon the Altar before which you have just assumed the solemn Obligation of our Order, there lies the open Bible. It is the emblem of this station, whose motto is Justice.

You have sworn to support the Constitution and comply with the Laws of this Order and the By-Laws of this Lodge. Justice requires that your observance of that Obligation should be full and complete, for the first lesson it teaches is that of duty and obedience to constituted authority.

When you have signed our roster and received your membership card the Secretary will present you with a copy of the Constitution and Statutes of this Order and the By-Laws of this Lodge.

I charge you to familiarize yourself with their every provision; for, while Justice is not vindictive, it is exacting; and no violation of your Obligation, no failure to perform your fraternal duty, can be permitted to pass this station unnoticed.

But the Order of Elks not only exacts from you the strict performance of the duties of membership; it likewise bestows upon you cherished rights and privileges which its whole power and authority will ensure and protect. Should you feel at any time that these rights have been invaded, the courts of the Order are open to you. The decision of its highest tribunal should be accepted as final.